Sunday, April 26, 2015

Love Me with all my imperfections...

I love Antiques and Vintage pieces of furniture.  I don't mind if it's chipped or old, faded, rusty or worn.  Today I am actually giving a little tender loving care to an older piece I picked up at an auction recently.  As I clean and re-polish it I can't help but wonder about the story behind it.  Was it passed down through generations; did it stand in a great hall or in a simple loving  home?  Was it once a loved and cherished heirloom that through the years was tossed to the side or did it's owner die away and it found it's without a home to stand it.

Just like this piece of furniture we all have a story and all have memories.  Some we cherish and some we would rather forget.  In the last year I my story has changed drastically.  After being married for 31 years I find myself alone and just like this piece of furniture I am chipped and old, faded, rusty and worn.  But I have hope that one day someone will see the beauty in all my imperfections and love me just the way I am.  Once again someone will take me into their life and I will have a new home to stand in, just like my antiques, that I cherish. Imperfections and all.