Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Word for 2010...COURAGE

My word for the new year: COURAGE

The "courage" to dream again
The "courage" to let go and let God have complete control
The "courage" to face and overcome my fears
The "courage" to step out of my comfort zone
The "courage" to trust again and allow people in to my life
The "courage" to be myself and not worrying about what others think
The "courage" to let my past hurts go and to begin to live again...
Posting these needs took courage today, but I did it! The people in my life would be shocked to read this, they think I have it all together, but the one thing I am really good at is letting people see only what I want them to. I may look brave on the outside, but the heart has a story that has never been told. This is the year I will have the courage to overcome the hurts. This is the year I will begin to dream again.

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