Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sharing God's Love with a Loaf of Bread

What an ablsolutley wonderful day! I had so much fun delivering homemade bread to neighbors and friends. I also carried a jar of my orange marmalade along with each loaf. I told my husband that I had Christmas today...One of my neighbors that I normally just send a card to had been on my mind a lot lately so I decided to carry her some bread. She had seen me from the window as I walked up the driveway and tears filled her eyes as she realized I was bringing her a gift. She just couldn't beleive that I would think to bring her something, especially since she is caterer and is always cooking for everyone else. As I wisherd her Merry Christmas she begin to cry harder and then told me that she has just found out that the doctors had found another spot on her dads liver. God opened the door for me to pray for her and we then we laughed and cried together. We never know when God has an apppointed time and place for us to be to do his work and share His love. Always keep your hearts open to hear His voice and allow Him to use you...

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