Saturday, January 16, 2010

It may seem "Trifle" but I love it!

My dad and family are coming to eat with me Sunday and I thought I would go ahead and start my desserts. This is not one of my prettiest Trifles but it is my dad's favorite. First I just baked a simple lemon sheet cake. Then I made a lemon mousse, whipped cream, and then made a cream cheese filling. The cream cheese fillings is nothing but, confectioners sugar, cream cheese and then a little cool whip to thin it out. Nothing very exciting about this one, but daddy likes the little bit of lemon tartness that I add. I make a lemon and confectioners sugar glaze and drizzle over the cake layers. It just takes the lemon flavor up a little and is a nice contrast to the lemon mousse. I could just go on and on about creating trifles, I will have to share my Oreo Blast and Brownie Explosion with you, now those are exciting! They are also much prettier because of the contrasts in them. I am so looking forward to Sunday afternoon...

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  1. The photo is awesome. I haven't made a trifle in a while, and you make is sound so simple. Lemon Trifle is a touch of sunshine on a dark, cold day. I can't wait for your Oreo Blast and Brownie Explosion!