Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Lets make a Memory"

Tonight as I was driving home from Fayetteville, it was after nine and I found myself missing my family terribly. Not that they were out of place, Michael was on a date with Liz, Eric was home working on a paper for class and Randy was at work. But normally one of them is with me and my thoughts were drifting as I rode alone reflecting on how very blessed I am to be a part of their lives.

Over the years I have made a habit of grabbing one or all of them at random moments in time and saying "Lets make a memory", to this day you can ask them about this and they can each recall exactly where they were and the memories that were made.

So tonight I decide to call them each and make one over the phone, first I called Randy at work and since he wasn't busy when I asked if "he wanted to make a memory, he said sure". I instructed him to walk outside and look at the moon, when he finally found it we each looked at it for the same moment in time from where we were at.

Just knowing that we were doing the same thing at exactly the same moment gave me the a oneness with him that I find hard to explain. Memories don't have to be made on special occasions or vacations. They can be simple moments in time that you share with someone you love. Grab someone you love and make a memory today, it will last longer then a picture and remain untarnished in your heart forever.

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  1. Memories are what life is all about. I never thought of watching the moon together like that. I will have to remember it.